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Asok Asus Indeed. For an external HDD to be as reliable as possible, do you recommend the 3.5 standard sized HDD with external power source, or the laptop-sized HDD with power from USB? The use of low priced consumer drives at this volume provides the bulk of the users with very valid information. Nor results from any other brand.

Every Seagate hard drive I have ever owned has failed (never bought one but they come in devices that I have bought). I'll give Seagate another try then. Well, it looks like it has been a year and we have updated stats that says that Seagate is improving. If you want reliability, then you need to buy two and remember that they're both going to fail no matter what, so backup. The Verge. ^ "WD Reaches Agreement with Toshiba Corporation to Divest Certain 3.5-Inch HDD Assets" (Press release). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HGST

Hgst Hitachi

The skills and contributions of both workforces were key considerations in assessing this compelling opportunity. I had an 80 GB Maxtor fail plenty of years ago, so I decided to stay away from WD. And now, less than three weeks after that, MOFCOM has partially caved in. Cinemastar– 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch form factors, optimized for consumer electronics applications requiring quiet operation and streaming support.

Most SCSI drives are more reliable. the F1 and F3 drives were pretty solid. In other news Western Digital has announced a new executive management team, and it looks almost like HGST executed a reverse take-over of Western Digital. Hgst Hdd Data from other companies that may subject their drives to different constrains than those at Backblaze and some statistical analysis of the numbers would be very useful to get a clearer

Hitachi Global Storage is a subsidiary of Japan's Hitachi ( HIT). We couldn't possibly comment. Does their warranty only cover one replacement, or did they point the finger at causes other than them (i.e. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/10/19/mofcom_says_yes_wd_hgst_merger/ Cory So details aren't your strong suit, specifically the data says Seagates 4 TB drives are more reliable than the WD drives.

They've lasted years for me & are rock solid. Hgst Careers Headquarters : San Jose, California USAPresident : Mike CordanoRegional Locations : United States, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United KingdomEmployees Worldwide : 41,000 LinkedIn Twitter HGST Blog YouTube John Coyne will remain chief executive officer of WD, Tim Leyden chief operating officer and Wolfgang Nickl chief financial officer. The Ultrastar He10 also continues HGST’s best-in-class reliability standards, offering a 2.5 million mean-time-between-failures rating as well as a five-year warranty.

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Touro family of cloud storage backup products. If you are already spending more to get the SCSI interface, a slightly better drive was no big deal. Hgst Hitachi they claim if you buy their product they will give you free clone disk software. Hgst External Hard Drive March 8, 2012. ^ Byford, Sam (March 9, 2012). "Western Digital completes $4.8b Hitachi GST buyout, becomes world's largest HDD manufacturer".

That however is not always the case. Seagates suck. jtaylor991 I just had a Canvio Basic 2TB portable drive die on me after 4 months with very little actual usage time, but my older model (a bit over a year We have a guess... Hgst Hard Drive Test

BDK Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives are extremely reliable. Western Digital said last month that it will be divesting certain assets to Toshiba, including manufacturing equipment and intellectual property, to comply with regulatory requirements that will enable Toshiba to enter as it will be regular and sometimes heavy load. I was a Project Manager for an OEM auto parts manufacturer, Toyota and Honda at the time ha the highest standards and specifications so their parts were built better simple as

Goldman, Sachs & Co serves as financial adviser to Hitachi, Ltd. Hgst Job Openings The only 3 that have lasted are the 2tb Seagates which are running 4 years now with no problems. zapper Do Statistics reveal truth or manipulation??

Now I'm looking for a reliable external HDD that can keep my data for years [it will be mostly unused, seems more reliable than DVDs/BluRays].

That was a long time ago now, though -- 10 years or so :) Walter Chan Hitachi is Japanese and Japanese is all about improving reliability. in a Raid environment it doesn't matter.. Been running over 5 years now, and rock solid. -- I think cooling makes a dif though, I do also have a Seagate drive in another computer. Hgst Stock Large companies often buy hardware by the thousands, which provides much better statistics than an internet poster saying his two hard drives died in the first month.

I couldn't even run Seagate's Diagnostics software. But the interface had nothing to do with it, the same exact drive was available in IDE CPPCrispy I agree with the data as it aligns well with what I have Seagate would still be an option, with the failure risk being taken into account in a calculated estimate of real cost over time of ownership. So on that front fuck em I guess, but I by no means hate Toshiba.

devogod out of 8 hard drives i own, all seagate, none older than 4 years (a pair of 160 gigs, a pair of 250 gigs, a pair of 500 gigs, a Retrieved 2016-08-17. ^ Dong Ngo (July 7, 2010). "Hitachi unveils LifeStudio storage solutions". Products[edit] Hard drives and solid-state drives[edit] Ultrastar HUA723020ALA640 Ultrastar– Enterprise-class line of 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDDs with SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS, and SATA interfaces; and a line of 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch DezzNutz My Samsung laptop has a Hitachi 500GB drive Andy Bachand I bought a 20 gig Maxtor in 2000, that little puppy is still chugging along though now it's relegated to

Also, you forgot to capitalize your "I", but don't worry, it's understandable considering your insufficient grammar capabilities. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) – manufacturer of modular enterprise storage systems, software and services. As we make the transition to the new WD, our first priority is to our customers. Related: Storage Network Storage Cloud & Services Business You Might Like Shop Tech Products at Amazon Notice to our Readers We're now using social media to take your comments and feedback.

JJ DeathStar reliability could apparently be increased dramatically with aggressive cooling. Damon I meant exactly what i said based on experience. While 3K drives is a nice sample size it stands starkly in contrast to the roughly 13K drive sample size for Seagate/Hitachi. In different sizes and models.

I just dropped two brand new 1TB drives into my box. If you want to find out just how rough handling adversely effects HDD's, just order one from Newegg.com. It was a speedy drive, and ran with noticeably less vibration than the other brands I owned. However, I can't help but be a bit skeptical simply because the Seagate drives that they are using are 5400 RPM consumer drives, most of which are out of external enclosures.

Western Digital. Our commitment is to deliver innovative, high-value datacenter, mobile, personal and consumer electronics storage solutions together with storage infrastructure consultation to the world’s largest and most sophisticated OEMs, businesses and hyperscale Visit The Register's hub Tips and corrections 6 Comments More from The Register WD gets flash boom bang from SanDisk swallow +Comment Storage stalwart flashes past lumbering Seagate 2 Comments WD The 1st one stopped working inexplicably after I'd left it sitting on my desk unused for quite a while.

Absolutely not, and I recently did just that. More data won't leave storage biz proud So. Founded : 2003U.